Today’s sensitive electrical and electronic equipment requires clean power and protection against power surges generated both internally from switching equipment and externally including lightning and occasionally utility switching.


Increase Reliability

Computers, laser printers, copiers, electronic power supplies, variable speed drives and sensitive silicon-based microchips are sharing a common electrical system with traditional equipment, creating incompatibility.

 Modern equipment now, and in the future, requires the electrical system to be free of transients and surges. Simply put, sensitive modern electronics and processors cannot tolerate the high frequency transients, surges, and noise present in every electrical system.

Total Systems Protection

Through strategic placement of SPDs within the power system, coordinated protection is placed to effectively close all possible paths that damaging transients may take to damage mission-critical equipment. From service entrance to individual load circuits, our Total Systems Protection approach, as recommended by ANSI/IEEE, provides integrated suppression for all electronic and electrical equipment.  Actual product selection is based upon each customer’s specific requirements. Consideration is given to voltage configuration, current load, criticality of connected load, types of equipment to be protected, and susceptibility to high energy surge events such as lightning strikes.

Properly networking surge protection devices (SPDs) solve many of the electrical problems experienced by commercial and industrial facilities. The resulting total systems protection will dramatically improve the overall operating efficiency and reliability of the electrical system. In both total systems protection and specific equipment applications,

TracKer products will…

  • Increase system reliability
  • Extend equipment life
  • Reduce equipment downtime
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce electrical maintenance and equipment repair costs
  • Provide significant ROI with long term product warranty

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