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The Sure-Volt™ is a heavy duty power conditioner designed to provide effective and reliable operation, even under the most severe conditions. The industry-leading overload capacity of the Sure-Volt™ makes it ideal for those applications with large motor, transformer or magnetic loads with high inrush current or poor power factor.



The Sure-Volt™ utilizes microprocessor-based controls that electronically switch taps on a shielded, isolation transformer to provide a tightly regulated output voltage. When the incoming voltage varies between +10% and –25% of the nominal input voltage, the Sure-Volt™ responds within 1 cycle to provide an output within +/-3% of the nominal output voltage.

The Sure-Volt™ features:

  • Highest Overload Capacity – Sizes 5-1500KVA
  • Eliminates Tap Switching Problems – Any voltage up to 600VAC
  • Automatic Electronic Bypass – Single & Tree Phase
  • No Full-power Semiconductors – Step Up or Step Down
  • Fan Free & Maintenance Free – Compatible with All Load Types



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