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Strike Guard employs state-of-the-art technology to address the most demanding lightning safety and equipment protection applications.


Complete Monitoring

Designed for critical applications, Strike Guard monitors cloud and cloud-to-ground lightning and provides contact-closure signaling at user-set lightning activity thresholds. Patented optical signal processing and proprietary optical-coincidence technology prevent false alarms.

Strike Guard Delivers:

  • Fully automatic alarm triggering with user-set range catagories
  • 20 mile detection range
  • No false alarms. Patented technology
  • Sensor and communication self-test
  • Sensor is battery-powered for easy installation
  • Durable fiber-optic communications with connector-less technology
  • NEMA 4X Sensor enclosure
  • Lightning Data Receiver with battery back-up
  • Optional, Strike View Software for Windows® and Macintosh®
  • Guard Simulator Software for training and testing

Complete Systems

Strike View Software connects to the Strike Guard Data Receiver to provide PC based lightning data displays, alarming and data logging. Strike View provides information to assist the user to categorize lightning data, analyze storm progression, and determine time to resume operations. Strike View expands upon the information presented by Lightning Data Receiver.

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Strike Guard data sheet
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