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Importing For Manufacturing Cost Reduction

In today’s economy every organization is pressured to reduce costs while increasing revenue and improving margins.  When required to reduce costs, reduction in personnel, process improvements, and product cost-out are all certainly considerations.  Our company’s focus is in lowering the overall costs of products to improve your bottom line. We specialize in importing and outsourcing solutions.


To assist our clients to lower their costs of products, Global Solutions has developed relationships with several suppliers overseas to source parts that typically cause assembly difficulties. This may be a specific piece of a product, an enclosure, a kit that is high in labor costs, or a part that has long lead times and makes it difficult to meet your customer’s delivery expectations. In many cases we can acquire these parts at reduced rates while meeting the quality and delivery requirements of our customers. These cost reductions assist our customers in meeting desired improved product margins.

Importing for Re-sale

In addition Global Solutions has staff in foreign markets and we have the capability to locate foreign suppliers for re-sale products. Whether your interest is to build a web site and sell online or establish an E-bay store, we can help build that strong relationship with the supplier to assure quality control and on-time delivery.

You give us the product description; the specific features of the products; and we will find it!

We have been doing business with GLOBAL SOLUTIONS for 10 years and could not be more satisfied.

Industry Alliance

They handle everything from the purchase, to the import/export and delivery! best prices on the market so far on quality material.

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