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Exporting Globally

 Does your firm have the time and specialized knowledge to enter new international markets?

 Are you having trouble growing your business utilizing new revenue streams?

 Do you have the resources and personnel necessary to develop an export business?

 Is your firm growing at a satisfactory rate?

 Are you receiving inquiries from potential overseas buyers?



Exporting, when managed properly, offers a unique growth and profit opportunity for your business.  But launching a new foreign trade venture in an unknown overseas market can be risky.  Where do you begin for solid market analysis, distribution development, hands on management skills and broad experience in international markets?  Consider an alternative approach to direct exporting.  Many manufacturers have found they can develop a very profitable export business without their own internal export department.

Global Solutions serves as an export intermediary acting as your export department. This alternative approach to direct exporting requires limited use of your company’s time and resources in building your export business.  This approach also provides your firm with instant access to foreign market knowledge and proven export experience while reducing upfront costs.

The staff at Global Solutions has extensive experience in developing successful distribution networks in over 30 countries.  Our market experience ranges from Central & South America to Western Europe, Asia Pacific, and China. 

In addition, Global Solutions holds an executive membership on our local District Export Council sponsored by the US Department of Commerce. Our involvement on this council allows us to stay abreast of the latest government, banking, logistical, and legal requirements to the export process.  

If you are looking to expand your markets into an International Distribution Network, then we are the partner you are looking for!

  • The benefits of utilizing the proven services of Global Solutions:

    • No additional staff requirements
    • Extensive foreign market research conducted
    • Expertise to handle all exporting and sales details
    • Long standing sales networks in several countries
    • Proven knowledge of international recruiting process
    • Reduce overall export costs and risks which improves margins
    • Permits your business to achieve attractive long-term sales and earnings
    • Assistance or management of customs procedures
    • Accelerate business development
    • Saves time and money while growing revenue and profits

We have been doing business with GLOBAL SOLUTIONS for 10 years and could not be more satisfied.

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They handle everything from the purchase, to the import/export and delivery! best prices on the market so far on quality material.

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