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Global Distribution

As global leaders in their industries, our manufacturers are always seeking to expand their distribution network.  It is our mutual goal to continue to offer our customers the best possible solutions for the protection of their sensitive and critical equipment.  We will further expand into every market sizable enough to allow the success of our manufacturers and distribution networks.

This opportunity exists due to the expanding use of very sophisticated electrical and electronic equipment.  This equipment has become very sensitive to power disturbances of all types and in fact these equipments create most of the power quality issues that must be addressed for the efficient operation of business, and efficient use of electrical energy.

Electrical and electronic equipment is one of the largest investments that companies make and the reliability of that equipment is a must to remain competitive in a global market.

The benefits of our products for your customers are-

  • Protection against lightning induced and internally generated transient voltages
  • Reduction and elimination of harmful harmonics that are causing equipment malfunction, failure, and wasted energy
  • Prevention and detection of lightning strikes directly on the physical facility or sorrounding area
  • Improved efficiency and reliability of all electrical and electronic equipment
  • Reduced repair and maintenance costs
  • Cost-Effective, Stand-Alone, Automatic Fire Suppression for Critical Equipment, Swithgear, Distribution panelboards and various types of enclosures.


Global Solutions is seeking existing companies to join us who:

Is your company interested in:

Are interested in becoming a distributor of our high quality products
Have local marketing expertise
Have an established customer base
Have knowledge of electrical systems and equipment
Currently offer complimentary products
Increasing your product offering
Opening a new market
Offering high quality competitive products
An opportunity to be the industry leader
Financial gain

If you are looking to expand your markets into an International Distribution Network, then we are the partner you are looking for!

If you believe that this is an opportunity that you would like to pursue, then please contact team@globalsolutionsllc.com

Someone from our team will contact you at our earliest convenience